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Solar Panel Cleaning - Professional Solar Panel Cleaning And Birdproofing Services

We bird proof and clean your solar panels to help protect them from pigeons and keep energy production at higher levels so you can continue to save money with solar.

Pigeon Proofing And Bird Abatement

Are you tired of pesky pigeons making noise on your roof and leaving behind droppings all over your property? We can help. When it comes to bird proofing solar panels, we offer a quick, affordable, and safe solution that will help protect your investment.

Solar Panel Cleaners You Can Count On

We realize that we are cleaning an investment that is considered one of the largest purchases a homeowner will ever make in their life.

To some solar panel cleaners it may not be a big deal, which is why many will simply spray down your panels with your garden hose, throw some soap on, and brush it off like it’s another day at a car wash.

But not us…

We know that using hard water with soap on solar panels can potentially void your warranty, build up calcium deposits that corrode your panels, and leave behind snail trails in micro-crack areas.

This is why we only use softened deionized water with our industry-leading, Sola-Tecs C1000 brushes to safely get all that gunk off your panels so that you can get the most energy output out of them without having to worry about a thing.

You can also be at peace knowing that we are a licensed, bonded, and insured local business that knows how to professionally clean your solar panels.