Tim Bobanic for Supervisor of Elections



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Candidate for Brevard County Supervisor of Elections

Experience Counts When Counting Your Vote!

I am the only candidate for the Brevard County Supervisor of Elections with actual experience administering elections. I have overseen the administration of 30 elections since 2009 including multiple state-wide recounts.

Some of the highlights of Tim Bobanic's elections experience include:

Led Brevard’s implementation of multiple voting systems including precinct and central count tabulation equipment, ADA Voting Equipment, and Electronic Pollbooks to improve the accuracy, and security of voting in Brevard County.

Oversaw the 2018 General Election which included 3 state-wide recounts and a local recount. I am proud to say Brevard was recognized as the only county of the 20 largest counties in Florida whose recount ballot totals matched perfectly with the original ballot totals.

Certified by the Florida Supervisors of Elections Association as a Master Florida Certified Elections Professional (MFCEP) in 2020.

Implemented Brevard’s automated independent audit system in 2021 which audits 100% of all races on all ballots in every election.

Recipient of the 2022 Federal Elections Assistance Commission (EAC) for Excellence in Elections Administration and Outstanding Innovations in Elections.

Fought to ensure funding for the mailing of sample ballots to voters.

Through my years of experience, I understand election integrity is paramount to ensuring voter confidence in the electoral process and Brevard has been a model in the state.