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Rolle IT, LLC is a leading provider of Security minded, value-driven, human-centric IT solutions, utilizing Agile and DevSecOps methodologies to deliver exceptional results. We are a locally owned small business with a big impact serving local businesses as well as the Defense Industrial Base. Rolle IT has committed to being on the forefront of CMMC compliance as a MSP and to serve those seeking to obtain their CMMC.

Rolle IT serves businesses of all sizes and would love to work with you to find your technology solutions to empower your business.

Organizations choose Rolle IT because we are Human Centric. Rolle IT approaches solutions with our partners' needs and desires at the center of our development. We focus on building strong relationships with our partners, providing the flexibility and focus needed.

Your business should never have to wait on IT support - Our team understands the importance of timely response, and we have systems in place that allow for speedy & efficient response and resolution. With services like ProDesk, we've rolled all your standard IT services into one complete package that gives you the support you need at an affordable rate.


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